Hey UXERS! Today I wanted to discuss form design and why it is so important, for many years I battled as a users with so many forms. I remember myself being so frustrated a couple of times I would completely close the page. One big culprit of this is recruitment sites, they collect information on candidates by forcing you to fill in large quantities of information upon sign up before even seeing or applying for the jobs you want to apply for. I recently found Offerzen which has a completely different model for allowing companies and candidates to interact, as well as there data collection on your info does not feel as intrusive. As a user I felt annoyed when companies asked for large amounts of info without cause or need, and then didn’t give me proper details on filling that information in. An example of this would be filling in a form only to find out at the end that a particular answer needed to be separated by dashes or a password needed to contain upper case and special letters etc.


Form design is much more than these examples above, taking into account the type of question and the range of possible answers can help to make the users experience a lot easier, for example looking at if the answer can one of two variables would give the option of a radio button. However if an answer can have multiple answers then you would need use another structure of answering. Using a drop down can be a great option for reducing time for the user to type etc by having the user simply select an answer from a drop down, however I hate when I have to select my home country from the drop down because it is so fa down the list, in those scenarios I would love if I could start typing the first letter and the rest of my country would come up below from the drop down to be selected for ease. Check out the video below where the Youtuber discusses various examples of designing a form


Below is some reading material on UX form design

Do’s and dont’s for designing better forms

Form design best practises and UX examples

Happy researching until next time, bye for now!

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