Day#171: Become a UX Designer from scratch, IDF course review

Day#171: Become a UX Designer from scratch, IDF course review

Hi there Uxers! So I have told you about IDF before, I actually saw the site for a while before deciding to take the plunge and become a member with the annual subscription. I have really thoroughly enjoyed the platform since then. In a frenzy after signing up I enrolled for a multitude of courses, and some of them are starting to roll to the end now. The courses don’t all have the same length and in turn have a different point structure for each course. In relation to the actual course I would say it is a great introduction to UX, the course touches on a lot of core topics around setting your mind for a career in UX. The course is split into numerical sections which are released on a weekly basis, once released you have lifetime access, as long as you renew your membership every year. The actual course goes through UX, general process ideas and methods as well as what it takes to make a great portfolio.


After doing this course I actually think I will be making a few adjustments to my case study analysis that I have because I have found them to perhaps be too long winded. I would say if you sign up try out some of the beginner courses, I learnt a lot from the course on Gestalt psychology as well as this course. Often different courses explain things in different ways using different examples and methods and it just helps understanding and seeing a multitude of different perceptions on topics in anything that you want to get good at. Growing up in a family where it was all the rage to get a formal education, it really was difficult for me at first to understand the concept of online short courses, but when you look at it instead as a method for learning instead of just the certificate and acclaim that comes with studying at certain institutions then you will understand the value of it.


The Become a UX designer from scratch course in particular has more written content to read through than some of the other courses I have done before, for example the Psychology of e commerce course that I am also simultaneously doing has reading material and then often a video to recap on everything you have read. This is nice way to reiterate content in a different form and I feel this particular course lacks that. Anyway all in all a great introductory course with IDF and I am really looking forward to doing many more courses through them


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Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now!

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