Day#172: UX Fish-bone diagrams

Day#172: UX Fish-bone diagrams

Hi Uxers! I am excited to be sharing another interesting method for collecting valuable information on projects that you may be working on. Sometimes you will have a project that may have many issues or one issue in particular and it may be difficult to surmise the reason and root of the problem. For this I refer to Fish-bone Diagrams as a method, the name is derived from the fact that the actual diagram looks like a fish-bone. Check out this video below on explaining the process of categorizing your content and answering the big questions when creating a Fish-bone diagram.



The titles used in the video can obviously be changed to represent topics important to your project, but it is just another way to keep digging deeper into the cause of the problem, often some resources even refer to this as the cause and effect diagram. This site is also another great resource which has free fish-bone templates that you can download use and share with your team online. 


Reading for extra resource material

Diagnosing interaction problems with cause and effect diagrams

ASQ, learning about the Fish-bone diagram



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