Day#175: I’m going to the UX South Africa conference!!

Day#175: I’m going to the UX South Africa conference!!

Hey Uxers guess what! I mean its a tad late since I have already announced it LinkedIn, but guess what??? I won a ticket to the UX S.A conference held here in Cape Town. I saw the event a while ago and was contemplating buying it on my own, unfortunately I decided to not buy the ticket recently and was thrilled when I saw DVT was hosting a competition for winning a ticket to the event. Funny enough I was still shocked when Chris Dawson contacted me on my cell, I was a bit intimidated to be talking to a big ol UX lead on the phone Eeeek! Anyway Chris was calling to tell me that I had won a ticket to the event, at which I jumped out of seat at my desk in my office super excited!


There are going to be some wonderful speakers on the day, and I am so excited, I will be taking tons of photos and videos on the day to share with everyone that may not go to the event. Looking forward to every single one of those talks and looking forward to meeting Chris from DVT as well. I will be at the event hopefully trying to sum up some courage to talk to other Uxers there on the day because lets face it I am not much of an extrovert. For those that may still be interested here is a link to the site where they are selling tickets.


The actual event is three days, with the first day scheduled for workshops with some of the individuals that will also have presentations and talks on the conference days, my pass is for the two conference days. Here is a link to the UX Craft South Africa YouTube channel, you can check out all their videos on past talks that were done and get a feel for the types of content that is presented.


Finally to end off, and this is by far not the end because I will probably be talking about this event for the next month or so haha! But to round off I really want to thank DVT for making this opportunity possible for me, I have connected with a number of staff at DVT and every single one of them have been professional, friendly and easy to approach. Check out their company website here, I also saw them advertising looking for Uxers recently so maybe get in touch if you are on the market wink wink.


For more info on the company, check out this video they did on “Why work for DVT, Africa’s top software development company?”

Happy researching until next time Uxers, and if you are going to be at the UX SA then come say hi!


Bye for now

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