Day#176: Spending habits of shoppers

Day#176: Spending habits of shoppers

I always find it interesting learning about why we do the things we do as humans, the biggest fallacy that people often believe is that we make all our decisions using logic. It has actually been proven that a lot of decisions are made with the emotional part of our brain then rationalized with the logical part of our brain. Businesses use our innate urges and emotional responses to actions to get us to commit to their products or services. The video below really struck me as very informative on human behavior, I actually feel the title does not do the actual content of the video justice however give it a watch

I have mentioned a few of the methods businesses use natural human behavior to influence sales, but just to recap see below


This is where someone does something for you for free, and then you have the urge to reciprocate, this is evident in social circles and works with businesses as well. I recently had this with Offerzen. For example they sent me a lovely t shirt and some other cute branded Offerzen items just for signing up on the site


Manipulating different parts of the brain

By understanding the human brain, companies can influence our desires and urges to buy certain products. For example the old brain is enticed by sexual desire and basic instincts like food and survival, convincing your users that you can provide for that would influence their innate urges. The sexual desire can be two fold for example, catching your eye by having an extremely good looking women or man. Or it can try make you feel as if you will be a sexual desire if you buy product X. The logical side of the brain comes in after the instinctual and emotional brain have had their say, however the logical brain may still help back out of a decision. That is why you still need to have all the details that the logical brain would look for, price details, terms and conditions etc.


Social Validation

This is when business use other people to get their product noticed or increase chances of commitment, you see this with popular eCommerce sites utilizing reviews by previous buyers, and Uber using this as a way of verifying drivers and passengers. We trust people opinions however the way the review is tackled also influences whether we trust for example if the wording is “too perfect” or lacks a human touch. This is when people will assume that the review has been faked somehow, and some cases they are.



Behavioral economics is fast becoming a lead industry in understanding users in the Online space and with Online shopping becoming more and more prevalent even in a third world country like mine. It is evident how important it is to understand the behavior of human beings when it comes to their spending habits. If you are working on an eCommerce platform try understand behavior economics on a deeper level, it is more than the basics of research into general users and prototyping for eCommerce platforms. It’s about understanding the core attributes of how we behave and utilizing it in your concepts and ideas for layouts and projects. A rather short post, but a girls gotta eat, happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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