Day#178: Review of the IDF course on Gestalt psychology

Day#178: Review of the IDF course on Gestalt psychology

Hi Uxers! As promised I am doing a review on every single course I take, this course like so many that will come in the near future will from the Interaction Design Foundation. They do courses on a number of interesting UX topics, such usability testing, gamification and emotional design. When you become a member you can sign up for as many courses as you like so take advantage of your membership and try do as many courses as you can. Just last week I connected with someone who indicated that they could not afford the price of the membership, I am working on possibly doing a competition in the future for giving away a membership so hopefully that will pan out. For now though I wanted to discuss Gestalt. I first heard about the Gestalt principles a long time ago when I watched one of Celia Hodent’s video on UX game design, she was indicating how her team used Gestalt principles to help define layouts and grouping of content.


I then took the term down in my notes, which I really advise everyone to do. Having a document with words you hear, people you would like to learn more about oh and movies you want to watch of course ha! I mean I even have a list of restaurants I need to try, and yes I said need and not want.. So I love learning by video and the below is really one of the best that I found online



Review of the actual course

The course is intensive, I would say it is one of the more theory heavy courses on the beginner side, I think I did find it in the beginner section of the platform however in the “Who should take this course?” question IDF does state that beginners and professionals can benefit. I enjoyed looking at other sites and breaking apart the layout and understanding the grouping methods and perceptions that our minds have with the various questions. The course had multiple choice as well as a range of open ended questions that really gets you to understand the section before moving on. I absolutely love video though and learn really well from video and audio, so for me at times I actually would take a break from this course and go back to one of the other courses that had more video content. All in all a very informative course and it was a real learning experience for me. IDF is really an amazing platform to learn from, and I really find it such value for money with the amount of courses that a member can do. By constantly gaining knowledge, i am working to improve myself daily and so should you! I mean you don’t have to sign up with IDF, it would give me three months off and that would help a Uxer out haha! But on the real you don’t have to as long as you are doing something you are passionate about and enjoy. For so long I lived just turning the cogs of life, now I enjoy coming home and working on my blog and bettering my abilities in UX. I do know life can be challenging, and we all have tons of personal commitments, but even half an hour every day will work wonders on improving your skill set and before long you will have a habit formed and be so used to doing it everyday.


I would say the course is essential in understanding human perceptions of content and content organisation but be prepared for theory over load and take a break with researching the information in the various sections on YouTube so that you can take in the content in a multitude of ways, happy researching until next time Uxers!


Bye for now

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