Day#180: Design patterns in UX

Day#180: Design patterns in UX

Uxers hey! Today I wanted to chat Design patterns and their importance in UX. As an experienced designer I have seen many trends come and go and learnt about them at length in my studies, design is ever changing and what people view as fashionable and fresh one day can perhaps be overlooked in time. We are in an era of companies pumping out designs all the time so a single style is not something that is as consistent and reflective in all advertising as it once was. In relation to web and Apps I tend to notice trends with layouts and visuals of a different nature, we have user interface design looking very similar on a range of Apps and I tend to notice the games I play have a similar feel a lot of the time. Why would this happen? As a Uxer I would like to think that they did research into App game design layouts and what users liked and enjoyed, creating a familiar look and feel, however on closer inspection I see that two of the games are by the same company sneaky!


Then there is the old battle of skeuomorphic vs flat design, as someone who grew up with the skeuomorphic designs, I really liked their simple references, however flat design is beautiful in its own right and instead of seeing it as one or the other I see them are perhaps appealing to different types of users. For example my grandmother would much prefer the skeuomorphism approach perhaps. I think the most important concept for Uxers to note is that trends don’t equal the answer to your UX problems, and doing something that is flashy and trending may actually harm your users in achieving their goals or wanting to commit in any fashion. Focus on what is important to your users through usability testing, research and understand what matters to them, through this you will find which design patterns can perhaps work for your users. Check out the video below discussing design patterns in complex projects by none other than the NN/g, just can’t get over this guy saying Mo-dil instead of Model haha I know it may just be an accent and area specific to the pronunciation but I was actually confused every time he said that word. So someone tell me if I was just having a seizure while he was speaking or if he was actually pronouncing the word model differently haha!



Still confused? Ok well don’t worry about it I am hiding a 20% – 30% level of confusion on everything almost everyday, OK if you are looking to hire me lets reduce that to 0.5% and know that my biggest weakness is that I am a perfectionist haha! But seriously still confused on design patterns checkout Jesse Showalter below, he has some awesome videos on UX, UI and Design. When I have my YouTube Channel up would love to do a collaboration with him!



OK if you are still confused I still got ya back! Check out these resources below on understanding design patterns and why they matter in UX

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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