Day#181: PhoneTradr General Site Review

Day#181: PhoneTradr General Site Review

Uxers! Hey I got a new phone woop woop! You will understand my plight once you know the disarray I was in before. I am afraid to say I had a Samsung J1 Mini this is like an extremely low tier phone, ha! Like tiny screen, tiny amount of memory, meaning I had to go through my phone almost weekly and could not have many Apps on my phone. I mean I am not very badly off financially I just kept thinking Ugh I don’t really use my phone for much anyway. I have a pretty high spec PC at home, and a tablet I play games on when I am too lazy in the evening. However the ability to not take great images was becoming such a problem for me, and now that I have typed this I see how vain that is haha! I wanted to do a series on car park machines and general UX fails I see in my day to day life and with my little shop of horrors phone I could never fathom such novelties. But alas I made the jump buying a phone last week online, the service was really great and the actual site I got it from was amazing. The site is called PhoneTrader, Included a link for a R200 voucher on your next purchase or sale you are most welcome!


The site is friendly and easy to go through, they have some methods of social validation through indicating items in other people’s carts and creating urgency for purchases but nothing extremely intrusive and unethical in my opinion. Over all PhoneTradr is such a real win and has simply amazing customer service, they answer all your calls and give feedback all along the way. I think I even forgot to explain the way the company works because I am just so excited about my new phone oolala! Well they buy and sell used phones, the one I got is in amazing condition though and before they send it to you they fix any issues and the phone goes through a 45 point check as they put it, and I really do feel I trust them with that assessment. Firstly before purchasing I myself looked at Google Reviews, I then chatted with a staff member, love that they have a personalized name and photo of the person helping you, I mean it could be a fake image and a fake name but the added features makes it feel personal. I then realized the same staff member was communicating with me by mail and called me so it was a real person after all!


I have actually bought a few phones second hand, I can’t bring myself to spend monthly on a contract where I am paying way more than I should cash, but buying a phone from the general Cell Phone retailers can be extremely pricey. For this I would generally network and only buy from people I knew from a friend or friend. Initially it felt risky buying from the PhoneTradr site, thinking that the phone would be in shocking condition and I wouldn’t be able to return it etc, however I also did research into the CPA and saw that I could return the product in 30 Days if I decided to. Yes when someone is out to rob a person that would be difficult too, but I decided to rely on all the reviews and the professionalism of the site and make my purchase. The phone is awesome and I will be doing a proper review of the actual review soonest. You can expect it in a week or so, since i will be posting about the UX Conference I attended for the next few posts, happy researching until next Uxers!

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