Day#182: An overview of the Usability Heuristics

Day#182: An overview of the Usability Heuristics

Hey Uxers! For today I wanted to discuss the Usability Heuristics that none other than Jakob Nielsen came up with, we see it being used on a number of projects to assess accessibility and usability and there are many great videos on the process to ensure it is done correctly. Check out the video below on an introduction the Usability Heuristics


Now that you have given the video a watch, I wanted to refer to an amazing Heuristic Analysis by Marli Ritter. She is an awesome advocate of UX here in my home city Cape Town and she has organised many events for Uxers to network and learn about new things in the UX space. I found Marli Ritter through LinkedIn and she recently shared this analysis she did on the Yuppie Chef website on Medium. I really would suggest following Marli on LinkedIn as well as on Medium as she is has inspired me to also work on more in depth case studies like this one in the future.


Using the Heuristics process, you are guaranteed a methodical process where you can go through each step systematically, I really advise working on understanding methods like this to help understand the usability of the platform that you are working on, this analysis can be used for websites and Apps alike and I am excited to start using it for analyzing some games that I play as well in the future. Check out the video below by Jakob Nielsen himself, not directly on his Usability Heuristics but more so on the topic of usefulness, usability and utility of a product. Enjoy!

Happy researching until next time Uxers

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