Day#183: Teaching participants to think aloud

Day#183: Teaching participants to think aloud

Hi Uxers, today is a short piece on getting participants to think aloud. It may seem like an easy task but dependent on the participant it may take a few nudges in the direction before they do it naturally. The more extroverted participants in my experience become comfortable with this faster, however even extroverts don’t want to seem silly in a situation so the participant really has to be made to feel comfortable in their surroundings and with you as the interview in order for them to be honest. It is always important to let the participant know that you are not testing them, but more the content of the application that they will be using. The moment the participant feels they are being tested it will influence the findings and participants may become nervous and want to please the interview and get everything right. Therefore indicating at the start that you are just testing the product and not them will set that aside, however if you notice a particularly nervous or hesitant participant, you should mention it again in a different way perhaps using different wording to get the point across


Below is a video of a user testing scenario, where the interviewer does exactly that notifying the participant at the start that they are testing the software and not them. Check out the video below on ways to improve your next usability test.

In relation to testing you have two ways in which testing can be carried out, quantitative which refers to more of the amount of testing done to come to results or qualitative testing which refers to the quality of the testing. Each have different methods and generally have different goals for the over all product that they want to achieve. For a great explanation of the Qualitative and Quantitative testing process, check out the video below

Happy researching until next time Uxers

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