Day#186: UX SA conference, Day 1

Day#186: UX SA conference, Day 1

Hey Uxers! So a while back I mentioned I won a free ticket to the UX SA Conference from the competition that DVt held. I got to the event and proceeded to take my awkward actual selfies with only myself in the picture because at that point I knew nobody. The two days were amazing with talks from the following people

  • Willy Lai, VP of UX at Macy’s discussing “Designing user experience for business impact”
  • Ryan Jales, UX Writer at Luno discussing “Empathizing and improvising”
  • Ziqq Rafit, a designer at Foolproof discussing “Repercussions of design interventions in developing [the] world”
  • Stuart Forrest, CEO at Triggerfish Animation Studios discussing “How to take over the world at two seconds a day”
  • Chantal Louw, Product Owner and UX Researcher discussing “The impact of user research on design and development”
  • Ndumiso Silindza, Co-Founder of UX Anonymous discussing “We’ve been solving the wrong problems
  • Supreet Kumar, Senior User Experience & Service Designer at Zensar discussing “Design – not just a day job”


The order of the presentations did change slightly and there was also a replacement speaker for the Volkswagen presentation because the original speaker was not able to attend. This was my first formal UX Conference I attended and I was really impressed. It was awesome to meet other people in the industry and hear about their experiences and projects. To be honest the food was really a big negative for me though. My meal had special requirements and had to be prepared separately but when serving it was left on the serving table with everyone’s food. So naturally someone else took it, I was then given two spring rolls with soy sauce for lunch. Sigh! For me that really can’t think when I am hungry it was really difficult to concentrate after “lunch”, but I made it through the rest of the day trying to take as much notes and photos of the content presented as I could. I was actually very surprised by this lack of knowledge of my diet because I even emailed in advance to ask if I should bring my own food, and I was told it would be sorted out.


I wanted to end off with a positive note since the event really was amazing, and how friendly everyone was. It was refreshing to be around like minded people who all share the propinquity of UX and I could hear about everyone’s journey and projects they were working or had worked on. Even the speakers were wonderful and easy to approach, happy to take photos and share their details for future contact. I have even decided that I will be finally starting my YouTube channel, which will feature a few interviews and chats with some of the Conference speakers who graciously accepted my requests for interviews. Really looking forward to sharing lots more content with you Uxers, happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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