Day#189: The Adoption Curve

Day#189: The Adoption Curve

Hey Uxers! If you read my previous post you know that I went to the recent Service Design Meetup held here in my home city Cape Town, South Africa. It was a lovely day with informative presentations and interesting conversations between other people in the industry. During one of the talks The Adoption Curve was mentioned, and it seemed like it was not common knowledge so I thought to do a post on it and share with everyone. The concept of The Adoption Curve simply relates to how people commit, and the characteristics and personalities of those who commit, and most importantly at what point they commit in relation to when the product is released. The idea is that there are various groupings of people ranging from those who want to commit early and are generally adventurous, to the other end of the scale where people are not as easily persuaded by marketing and don’t commit easily. When I refer to commit, it can relate to buying into a product or service, but this terminology can also apply to companies looking for B2B related products. For example the older more conservative companies would probably take longer to jump on newer technologies waiting to see how it pans out for other companies perhaps, below is a great simple video discussing The Adoption Curve, give it a watch.

Now that you watched the video, you can see how The Adoption Curve works, when working on a Start Up for example that is very innovative and changing an industry that you are trying to break into, you want to look at the copy and design material in light of advertising to that first group. Think about Uber when it first started, and how they would have advertised to potential users, at that point the types of people to try jumping into a car with a stranger was very foreign, and you had to have the top tier of The Adoption Curve being targeted. Before I end off check out the video below by Simon Sinek, an amazing speaker, it is a short clip but I am sure you find his full presentation on the internet. In this video he discusses the mindset behind why the early buyers are that way inclined and how businesses need to get to the tipping point to convince the majority of people to commit.

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