Day#190: The importance of Closure

Day#190: The importance of Closure

Hey Uxers today I wanted to talk about the importance of indicating closure for users, and yes it is related in part to the closure people seek from ended relationships and general life conflict. In relation to the relationship scenario people want closure to help them understand why something is over and what constituted the other person’s decision, if you simply have no reply from someone after you have been seeing each other for a while you are left wondering why they would do something like that because they did not state any reasons for their disappearance. In relation to closure in UX it relates to the user doing a task and not having any validation that they completed the task correctly or incorrectly, games have a wonderful way of doing this when you are in the tutorial section by helping you through the new actions you will be performing step by step and validating your ability to accomplish those tasks in a systematic manner.. Well the good ones do this at least

I found this video below of a clip from The Big Bang theory, this show was a real favorite between my fiance and I, and Mayim Bialik (Amy, Sheldon’s girlfriend in the show) was trying to point out how he desperately wanted closure for everything that he did in his daily life.

As much as the the show makes fun of Sheldon wanting closure for these mundane like practices, we are all exactly like this. Imagine as a child if someone blew out your candles you had been so excited to blow out yourself for your birthday, or you were doing a task that you were in anticipation to see the end result for, only to have it ripped out of your grasp. This is an exaggerated example of course but when users perform actions on your Website or App they need the same reassurance that they are doing the correct thing all along their user journey. Especially if you have a multiple step process where eCommerce comes in or data input. A simple tick can help validate the user experience, the importance of closure is also not tackled so well on a multitude of online stores, for example when I purchase online I once had to double check my bank account to make sure the payment had gone through. The touch point in this instance should be within the platform, as well perhaps off, so that the user has assurance that the task was carried out. An example of this would be how my Bank sends me a notification when a payment is made, letting me know through email, I also get details within the platform knowing that my transfer has gone through.

Concentrating on these types of mechanisms will ensure users are left satisfied when their overall customer journey has been completed and possibly resulting in them becoming a recurring customer as well

Happy researching until next time Uxers, and hope this has helped even just a little!


Bye for now

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