Day#193: The influence of smiling

Day#193: The influence of smiling

Hey Uxers! Today I wanted to chat about the influence of smiling and how it can benefit you if used correctly. This is not only UX related and can be implemented for all areas of your life. The act of smiling is an evolutionary trait, and one that is used to help understand each other and lower defenses in social communication among human beings. There have been a lot of studies done on smiling, and often the data shows how good people are at detecting when someone is really smiling or just faking it. We even have chemical releases of hormones when we see the ones we love smiling, however it has even been shown that strangers smiling can elicit the same chemical response. Check out the video below on smiling and how it can influence your behavior and change the mood of others around you

Why and how does this relate to UX? Well think about a usability test that you are conducting, we try so much to make the participant feel comfortable and not like they are on the chopping board being tested, but then we may perhaps be to professional and be in work mode so to speak. I think its a great idea prior to starting your testing to take some time out to clear your mind and approach the candidate as if you were friendly colleagues. I say friendly colleagues because you don’t want to be too friendly either and slip up with saying something too inappropriate.


The smiling technique can be used with your general colleagues, as well as in interviews. The interview process is one that can be really stressful and I know this may seem difficult at times, especially if you are really hoping or relying on getting the position. However walking into the interview with a genuine smile indicating that you glad that the company called you in for a chat etc, is a great way to make a first impression.Finally before I end off, also consider the importance and persuasion of smiling for your online advertising material and artwork pack shots. You would never see an advert of a passenger in an Uber with a sour face. Smiling makes the viewer feel as if the person in the image is having a great time and in this way will influence the viewer in thinking the product has certain attributes that would result in said person smiling.


Check out the resources below on how influential smiling is for us

The Power of a Smile

The Science of Smiling: A Guide to The World’s Most Powerful Gesture

Remember that people are really great at spotting liars, so be sure to smile when you are genuinely excited or happy, otherwise it will easily come across as forced in the situation at hand. Keep smiling Uxers, and happy researching until next time


Bye for now

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