Day#196: Intellectual humility in the workplace

Day#196: Intellectual humility in the workplace

Hey guys for this post I want to talk about intellectual humility. I will be linking down below sources that I found on this I did actually initially find this on LinkedIn and I’ll try see if I can find the initial person that I found the concept from. So basically he has a test on his site that you can take to find out what your intellectual humility is, I really would advise you to go check out that link and do the test it’s free so why not.

The idea behind intellectual humility is It’s basically refers to how open you are to other people’s intellectual ideas verses how stubborn are you with your own ideas. It relates to your ability to be open minded about other answers that may perhaps disprove your own. 

I think this is important in UX because with our industry being one of research and understanding outcomes from our research. We in turn need to be open to the possibility that the outcome we were hoping for, or would like may not actually be the best or most viable solution. Often it is only natural to guess how something will turn out, but it is important to be open to something that may go against our initial mental models and ideas on a topic. After all we are designing for our users and not for us. I had an experience of this working on a project that was initially described as a product for millennials, I was excited to come on-board and design for very experienced users, that were familiar with the online space. However after research was conducted, myself and the team found out that even though our users were young they were extremely novice because of economic disadvantages etc, so we all had to shift our ideas of the typical mental models for millennials to suit a more novice clientele. 

I can’t seem to find any good resources on YouTube for intellectual humility, so we will have to settle on some reading resources see below

Article on intellectual humility

Take an Intellectual humility test

Happy researching until next time Uxers!,

Bye for now

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