Day#202: Building my YouTube Channel

Day#202: Building my YouTube Channel

Hey lovely people! Today I wanted to discuss a bit of behind the scenes of me building my YouTube Channel. I have been researching a lot into what makes a successful YouTube Channel and have finally decided to create my own channel, as I said in one of my earlier posts. I may actually move this blog to another similar title to make way for this domain being the primary domain linked to the YouTube channel.

For now though I wanted to list some common questions, please do message me if you would like to add any other questions as well

  • What are some mainstream techniques that will help me on my path to becoming a UX Designer
  • How can I practise my skills before getting that big UX project I am hoping for
  • What do I do if all my work is under NDA’s
  • Do I need a formal qualification to get a UX job
  • What will set me apart from other Uxers in the industry
  • Creating Usability test plans

I also wanted to talk about some soft skill topics on the channel, like time management, working with colleagues and how to build relationships with stakeholders. I will obviously be going through a lot of social psychology as I really love learning and will love sharing that content with all of you as well. If anyone wants to work on a YouTube Channel, I would really advise Sunny Lenarduzzi, this video below helped me understand how defined your Channel goals need to be and how you have should have paths that you want your viewers to take if they end up liking your content. I would say this is probably similar to a user journey

Enter YouTube – Type in search bar (Techniques for UX) – A list of videos with matching the search words will come up (It is then my responsibility to understand other peoples Channels in this space – Click on my video

I will be doing some research into how YouTube helps you gain more views, I have heard that a viewer who watches your video till the end helps increases the chances of other people seeing your video. However I am not 100% certain about this and will be researching in more depth in the near future. The above is only the first steps, Sunny’s video discusses how you can redirect viewers to your site, and then get users to sign up for newsletters etc. This will then increase loyalty if they receive regular informative or incentive based content.

Happy Researching until next time Uxers!

Bye for now

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