Day#204: The inverted pyramid copy writing method

Day#204: The inverted pyramid copy writing method

I recently learned about this method for copy-writing called the inverted pyramid. I don’t often dabble in copy-writing leaving it to the experts but thought it could perhaps also help me with my writing skills for the blog. Basically the inverted pyramid refers to the way in which you organize information and how the most crucial information needs to be at the top, then as the reader continues reading they are then privy to all the subsidiary information. Check out the video below on the inverted pyramid copy writing method.

In relation to design, we always differentiated between elements and copy in visual layouts, and this is something that I always try and stress for junior designers to work on perfecting. I would say I really became better at this when I was doing a lot of landing pages. Landing pages have to have a clear Call to Action with interactive buttons and displaying some sort of attractive imagery which generally gets the users attention. I would say the idea is not exactly in the shape of a pyramid and does not have a one formula technique that will guarantee success, however there are many ways for displaying different levels of importance with copy ranging from different fonts to playing with different weighting in a specific font family. Check out the video below discussing the basic design fundamentals for ideas on arranging elements, using these fundamental principles. 

I would say that learning Gestalt theory also helped me understand the design fundamentals mentioned above in a bit more relation to UX. I did a course on Gestalt theory and you can find my review here

To end off I think I have shared more than enough videos for today, and its time for me to do a bit of gaming. I always love learning about new methods and theories, it helps me understand different ways that an action can be carried out, and on many occasions I find better ways to do something. I will leave you with this meaningful quote for the day

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”       -Anthony J D’Angelo

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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