Day#205: Facebook Marketplace Review

Day#205: Facebook Marketplace Review

Hey lovely people, for today I wanted to chat about the Facebook Marketplace. If you have not noticed it before don’t despair, I literally did not see this little icon for months after it had been launched. So basically the concept is simple, Facebook has created a Marketplace for people to sell their private products. People can sell products in their personal belongings through various categories Facebook has created, what I really like is how you can create notifications for certain product labels like Size 4 shoes or Garden furniture. There is also a rating feature which I have noticed other people rate me, but somehow I can’t seem to see my rating profile with ease, I would say Facebook is trying to create a platform of Social Validation however the concept becomes futile when people can hide their rating status and display it as private.

I am sure we will hear many stories of people being abducted but this may be the best way for selling second items, I noticed a while back already a large amount of Facebook Groups for second hand content and perhaps Facebook were looking into user behaviour and noticed that they could create a platform specifically for that. The platform does exhibit advertising methods which probably pull from a user’s interests based on content they always look for or view generally on the marketplace. I have even searched for a certain stores items through the marketplace and a day later seen advertising from that exact store. I would say the biggest negative thus far in my own personal experience would have to be the low quality of the image recognition software that the platform has. When I uploaded images of a brown handbag that I wanted to sell, the platform kicked the image claiming that it was possibly illegal content I was trying to sell. The illegal content is outlined as firearms, animals, nudity etc, for this reason I think the image recognition software is probably seeing the different shades of the brown handbag as a animals or persons body perhaps, that is my only guess. All in all an awesome idea that Facebook came up with, and it is rather advantageous for a lot of private buyers and sellers as well as small business owners. However I have yet to see many small businesses advertising content, other than people selling clothing in bulk and food items etc. Happy researching until next time Uxers

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