Day#209: Ideation sessions

Day#209: Ideation sessions

Hey lovely Uxers! I wanted to do a post specifically on Ideation sessions. Often you hear about the airy fairy whimsical ideation sessions where everyone is chatting and agreeing. In reality ideation sessions can sometimes be sessions that a lot of people do not look forward to. We are all so bogged down with meetings that another meeting does not necessarily spark enthusiasm. It is therefore the Uxers responsibility to help initiate the ambiance of the meeting by making everyone feel relaxed and open to chatting about brainstorming techniques

The other side of this can be that certain departments or people may not be as open to change or working together as you would like, having introductory ice breakers to ease the tension and snacks always snacks will always be a hit! This will help everyone settle down into a more relaxed demeanor compared to the normal meeting process. Check out the video below on Ideation sessions.

There a lots of different games you can do when you need to group to be more creative or technical or even to decide on features check out this post on the feature game for details on how to pick features the next time you have team members in conflict over which features you should settle with for a project. Happy researching until next time Uxers!

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