Day#211: Interview preparation process

Day#211: Interview preparation process

Hey lovely people, I recently went for an interview and felt like I did not answer everything to the best of my ability I thought of researching some sound methods for preparing for interviews. In truth I did prepare beforehand but sometimes in the moment you forget all the knowledge that is in your own head haha, so preparing helps with those moments when someone asked you a heavy technical question in an interview and you have trouble remembering what UX stands for with 3 pairs of eyes staring back at you. Okay it was not so bad, I mean I answered all the questions, I was just on my way home from the interview and thought of all the other processes and methods I could have also mentioned. Without any more further waffling see my list for preparing for interviews below..

Research interviewers

This will help with seeming prepared on the day and knowing how much jargon and technical terms you can go into. Nothing worse than going into the interview and speaking a different language to the people speaking with you. You want to portray that you understand the fundamentals and processes but also that you will know how to communicate with the rest of your team that may not be able to talk UX

Learn about the company

However don’t put too much pressure on yourself to learn all the industry words and jargon etc. This will help you decide as well if the projects you will be working on will be in line with your project goals

Prepare a set of questions

After you have learnt about the company then you can structure some questions around the company as well on possible projects that you may have gathered you will work on. I find a great question to ask is what is the company currently struggling with. I have had very honest answers from this question, and it gives me a chance to make a knowledgeable decision when I am deciding whether to come on board or not

List all the possible questions the interviewer may ask you

This is something I do when especially when I am feeling particularly nervous. Listing all the question both technical and personality based will help with being more prepared for when you do get asked. Remember this is not about preparing the best most far removed answer that does not resemble yourself, it is about preparing the answer that best describes who you are. You don’t want to land a job and be unhappy with the company because they have perceived you as one way and thought you would be a great fit for the position and the company, being honest will help prevent that. Check out the video below by Linda Raynier, I have shared some of her videos before on Uxergirl because she often gives great advise on interviewing and preparing before hand.

Above all else remember you may make mistakes, I make them all the time but the important thing is to learn from them and work on improving yourself for the next interview. Know your worth when it comes to accepting a salary, which is another post of its own! Be confident a work hard to get that job of your dreams, happy researching Uxers!

Bye for now

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