Day#213: Understanding User Goals

Day#213: Understanding User Goals

Hey everyone! For today I wanted to discuss how as companies and valued members on projects we really need to focus on understanding what our users goals are. I experience these frustrations all the time as a user on a multitude of platforms, and this stems from businesses not being aligned with what the user deems important. A simple example would be having a very detailed in depth history and current affairs state of a company on the about page. I do get the reasoning behind this action, because companies are trying to create trust with potential users of their product and by the user trusting the site they are more likely to commit. However it makes the user journey a lot more longer than necessary when you have to sift through pages of company history till you find what is important to you as the user. If I was too start my user journey by searching for a Clothing item on Google then clicked through onto your site which came up first with a promising title, the last thing I want to see is when the company was founded.

If we get more technical our ability to commit to something is highly influenced by the emotional part of our brain making the snap decision to make the purchase, you may find that the option to commit is halted by the user wanting to find out if the company is reputable, but still you want to be to the point and understand what type of information the user would like to see here. A great example of this would be, how I love skincare and when I am shopping for quality skin care products I would like to see reputable certifications by the companies who sell the products to these online retailers which influences my belief that the products are authentic. The company history is not as important to me here, more so the authenticity of the product. In truth this information about understanding your user will come thorough quantitative and qualitative research, asking users questions on their small and long terms goals with your company will help ascertain how in depth the user journey needs to be and what needs to be included along the way. As always happy researching until next time and below I have included some resources on user journeys, and persona research to help you gain this type of information for the next project you may have these issues with.

Goal mapping: A method that will help you set customer centric business goals in the short and long term

Creating personas from user research results

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