Day#216: Portfolio inspiration

Day#216: Portfolio inspiration

Hey there and thanks so much for stopping by! I remember studying design year ago and having the lecturers trying to drill into us that we needed to understand and take in more visual content. I think seeing more visuals helps you just see what has been done and get an abstract feel for what works. Of Course I like the process and understanding that X can lead to Y and for this reason cracking the art of being a great designer was a very difficult task for me at first. I have kept my same visual habits though as I have moved into UX, even though I am in more of analytical industry now, with research and data analysis I love being able to look at well presented work. As we approach December I decided that I wanted to redo my portfolio for the new year and came across this wonderful no WONDERFUL online portfolio by Christina Richardson.

I absolutely love how Christina’s portfolio uses a user journey map to recreate her journey into UX, her case studies are clear and well presented at first glance. When I click on a Case Study I am directed to a full page Case Study, the project is explained briefly but very easy to understand even for me who did not work on the project and the flow of the project is a clear representation of the UX process that Christina followed

I know often a lot of Uxers have questions regarding how they should display work which is often under a lot of NDA’s etc. I think the best solutions is to have mock Case Studies which show how you would tackle a project and your thought process for getting all the objectives of the project done. Yes each project will be different but also displaying a variety of methods and processes will help a company see that you have the arsenal to get the job done. Check out my post here for a look at how David Travis a fellow Uxer and someone who I have learnt a lot from discusses how portfolios are reviewed by companies.

Before I end off check out this video below on structuring your portfolio

I know it can be a daunting task doing and redoing your portfolio every so often, but make a habit to update your portfolio annually that way when you are on the job market it isn’t this monumental task of redoing everything from scratch and that way you will also be documenting projects as you have worked with them, in 6 months or so when you open up that document you will be able to spot if you were explaining concepts in a manner that only you would understand having worked on the project and would be able to reword in retrospect. Most importantly understand who the end user of your portfolio is and what their goals are, they will take seconds to scroll through your carefully curated work so make sure it is everything that they need to bring you on-board for that next project! Happy researching until next time Uxers.

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