Day#217: Reading Resources

Day#217: Reading Resources

Hey there and thanks for stopping by, I have realized in the past few weeks I have started reading easier articles. Now I know that my blog is one of those generally “easy reads” type of situations, however I wanted it to be a quick bite size daily dose of UX for people who want an easy read. I really do suggest that you also look at more in depth resources, and in the future I aim to add to that resource pool. The obstacle in this case would be that i have set a goal for myself to keep to a post a day and I really want to make sure that I keep to it, in saying that writing a post everyday is a big task daily and does somewhat prevent me from writing and researching more elaborate topics to write about in between my other career development goals. I really hope this blog has been beneficial and if you ever think of any topics you would like me to look into or chat about, please do feel free to inbox me!

I wanted to add that taking the time to watch some of the longer presentations on YouTube and reading the more in depth articles will also help so do invest time in those types of resources even it is only once a week when you have time. I have included some resource material below which is from an article I recently read by the NN/g. They produce a large amount of articles on a wide variety of UX best practices and studies that they fund and conduct. This article discusses how to review data collected from usability testing and comes to the following conclusion, so basically spoiler alert

“Performance and satisfaction scores are strongly correlated, so if you make a design that’s easier to use, people will tend to like it more.”

The video below is a general video on usability testing, the videos by the NN/G are generally shorter, that being said the article I linked above is also not that long but some of the NN/g can be longer but still I will reiterate very informative and interesting for any Uxer looking to improve on their skills and knowledge in the field. Check out the video below before you go!

Happy researching until next time Uxers!

Bye for now

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