Day#219: Setting goals for 2019

Day#219: Setting goals for 2019

Hey there and thanks for stopping by, today I wanted to chat about setting goals for the new year. Yes I know that often it has become somewhat of cliche once you reach a certain age, in truth you don’t need to wait for the new year to start with your transformation, I had big leaps of change to my daily habits during the course of 2018 and loved worked just at hard at it. I also think you will find a lot of advise on new year’s resolutions and changing your habits on YouTube. Some will suggest starting with small changes and other will say the biggest thing is waking up early, I personally think as long as you dedicate a little bit of time every single day you will get to dream goal. It just depends how hungry you are to get to that goal, and of course how busy is your life.

I have set myself the following goals for 2019

  • Finish my 365 days of UX, one post a day Blog
  • Create my Youtube channel and produce one video a month for the next 12 months
  • Work on creating a variety of Case Studies which display my skill set and knowledge of UX methods and processes to handle a variety of projects

I thought sharing my own goals would help inspire you and I hope it does, if you goals are fitness related or perhaps even about learning anew hobby or language invest in yourself and strive for working on something that makes you truly happy! Check out the videos below on working towards setting your goals for 2019 and as always happy research Uxers.

Bye for now!

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