Day#223: Interactive television, Black mirror

Day#223: Interactive television, Black mirror

Hey there everyone and thanks for stopping by. Today I wanted to chat about Black mirror, I would say I have had a very unhealthy relationship with television in the past, I mean my generation invented the words “binge watching” for our addictive behavior towards watching an entire series in one sitting. If you have not heard about Black Mirror before it is a show where they have the most absurd outrageous concepts brought to life with very intricate and well thought out plots. The acting is impeccable and the story lines are always full of plot twists and really unsuspecting endings. However even after this explanation of the show, the show has taken their experience to another level, and that is Interactive Television. The episode is called The Bandersnatch and it focuses around a character which is creating a TV Game. Check out the trailer below.

The interesting part comes in where the story line allows for you to choose your own path for the character to take, the interactive abilities start you out small having to make minor decisions and then it gets more and more intense with more threatening decisions that the character has to make. I noticed some product placement in the show, and I’m sure this type of choice based information on viewers will be collected in some fashion.

I would say that it did not feel as fluid as I would have liked, by being forced on more than one occasion to take a certain decision or having similar decisions which would result in the same outcome being presented to me. The idea of this does increase interactivity with the overall plot but feels somewhat confining, with less variety of choices. Apparently there are 6 different endings, and I will be doing it a few more times to see what other endings I come up with. Oh I must not forget to mention that we watched this on Netflix, we recently got two accounts and it has been awesome. I will be doing a full review on Netflix in the near future, however thus far it has been awesome, I can totally see the advantage of having Netflix, it is easy to use and everything is at my fingertips. The cost is also at a fraction of DSTV’s costs so really no competition. Happy researching until next time!

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