Day#224: Recruitment sites forms

Day#224: Recruitment sites forms

Hey there and welcome back to Uxer Girl, a blog where I discuss User experience, design and behavioral science. Happy new year and may 2019 be a year of success and achieving one’s goals for everyone! I have been looking at a lot of recruitment sites, as you know I am the biggest fan of Offerzen, if you have not used them before and are in the UX/UI scene or in software development then check out their platform. Offerzen really makes finding a job the easiest for both candidates and companies alike. Unfortunately the vast majority have still not improved much, and recently I was scrolling through job specs and found one that really stood out for me.

When I was redirected to a job site platform, I decided to fill in my details. The whole process is so laborious and time consuming where I can not simply upload my CV but have to fill in all my details section after section from my education to my job history and personal details. The site then has issues with Change Blindness where I was getting an error but did not even notice that I had an error and could not understand why I was not moving on to the next section. I am sure now in retrospect that a lot of these recruitment sites collect information because asking for ID numbers etc seems unnecessary when companies hiring and recruiters involved that have posted the various jobs will also get the information first hand from the candidate. I think recruitment sites really have a long way to go in South Africa and by having this long arduous process, many companies are losing out on potential great fits to their organisations without even knowing it.

I would say the most frustrating thing about a lot of these job sites is that they require all this information which takes over an hour to fill in, then once you start applying and find a job that you like. You may have to redo all the information on another recruitment sites platform all over again. Offerzen in comparison has you complete one profile and then you chat with your talent adviser and once you are both happy on the profile it gets approved by another third party and listed to go live for a period of time. Profiles are not consistently online, so you will never have the situation where recruiters are calling you over and over even though you have found your new dream job. Or from the company’s perspective you won’t find candidates that have already been placed, in truth I did have a company mess me around on Offerzen. To be clear these companies are also clients of Offerzen, and Offerzen then has the task of trying to keep everyone happy. My situation was the company kept stringing me along without sending a contract because their current employee had not moved yet. This was all hush hush, and eventually after three interviews I was asked if they could see my portfolio, the whole situation seemed rather unorganized and I am glad in retrospect that that opportunity did not pan out for me. I think the best thing that you can do for yourself when you are on the job market is have your goals clearly defined for your next career move, work hard on achieving that and stand your ground when it comes to salary negotiations. A lot of people tend to cower when it comes to talking about money, there is nothing wrong with negotiating and not agreeing with an offer if it is not inline with your skill set, what you provide and your expectations. I said it before and I will say it again, may 2019 be the year of success for us all! Happy researching until next time

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