Day#225: IDF Course Review: Psychology of eCommerce

Day#225: IDF Course Review: Psychology of eCommerce

Hey Uxers! Happy new year and wishing everyone everything of the best for 2019, for today I want to discuss the course that I most recently did through The Interaction Design Foundation, the course is The psychology of eCommerce and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It detailed and went through a lot of the interesting human behavioral science studies and practices that help with formulating strategies for an eCommerce platform.

The course is one of the longer IDF courses with a lot more reading material than videos which is normally the case with the IDF platform. However I never found the course boring at all to read through, it was interesting and thought provoking with questions that motivated further engagement at the end of every section. I must say it made me realize how much advertising and sales has learned from basic human behavior, I enjoyed learning about reciprocity and its effects on us as social creatures, and have noted how many companies take advantage of this method to entice loyalty and commitment out of users.

I have been an advocate of the IDF platform for a while now and would recommend anyone, wanting to learn UX to give the platform a chance. I have noticed some of the same resources being used for different courses, but this course was not one of them that recycled video material. I think something to do when you become a member is to start with the beginner courses, even though you may consider yourself more senior. There are always small things you can learn. And having a concept or practice explained in  different light might change the way you think about something.

Check out the IDF link that I provided on the IDF copy in this post, members can give non members a discount and you will be given 3 months free of your 12 month membership, so give IDF a try it really is worth it, with all the variety of courses on the platform you can really start 2019 out on a positive note. Happy researching until next time Uxers!

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