Day#228:The most interesting interview yet!

Day#228:The most interesting interview yet!

Hey Uxers! For today I wanted to chat to you about the best interview I have been apart of to date, in truth I made quite a few mistakes because of nervousness etc but I think this is the best way to understand a potential candidate and how they would approach problems etc. Firstly the interview was set for three hours, however I was not given much details on what would happen for the interview and hence could not prepare much in advance.

When I arrived firstlly everyone working there was so pleasant and welcoming, they presented that it would be a mock project that I would have to work on with my team of a Designer, Developer and project manager. I then have client that I would speak to played by another employee and I have to ascertain the goals of the project. I will briefly list the steps followed for the project below

  • Initial discussion with client on goals for the project, timelines and project ideas
  • Discussing with team on ideas, features goals and possibilities
  • Then back to discussing with client on more in depth goals etc
  • Here chatting with the team on ways forward, this is where I realised I made a mistake and should have had initial user interviews with both the client who would be a user as well as his staff
  • I went back discussed with the client, and members of his team and took pictures of existing work, ideas etc
  • I then went back to my team and we regrouped on ideas, features and the way forward with the low fidelity prototype
  • The designer created a Low fi prototype in Adobe XD and then I was tasked with coming up with a usability test plan, my script and planning for when I would conduct usability testing. I was given 30 minutes for this
  • I created a brief usability test plan which I presented to my team and then also presented the script which I read out and then we made a little change here and there.
  • We then met with the client ran a usability test with him, as well as his staff and then i presented my findings to my team
  • After that we had a bit of time to discuss my thoughts on the assessment etc

I would say one thing I would like added in would be, to have a reflective 10 minutes when I am motivated to add what I would do differently, add in if I had more time etc. Because of the time constraints I was super stressed to make sure I share and display crucial characteristics and ideas that would indicate I was a right fit for the role.

I 100% think this was one of the best interviews why you may ask? Well asking someone what their process is can ensure you get a structured rehearsed answer but this threw me in the deep end and the company could see how I would work with people when under pressure and how I would work in situations that were not favourable. They even had a participant in my mock usability test who was a little difficult and I had to manage him patiently and comfortably during the course of the test. All in all having a test scenario will help companies see hints of the best fit for their organisation through testing like this and I advise everyone to help move interviews more in this direction. Happy researching until next time Uxers!

Bye for now!

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