Day#229: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Day#229: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Hey Uxers, most of you have probably heard of the Stanford Prison experiment. However if you have not then just a quick refresh, these types of studies were originated from trying to understand human beings core behavior by testing them emotionally and with a harsh environment. This study in particular had a set of people imprisoned then another set made to monitor them and enforce punishment. The study had some controversial findings indicated how when we have roles assigned we generally take on the demeanor of said role. For more info on the original Stanford Prison experiment see below..

This initial video gives you an example of how the study has been portrayed over time, however please watch the video below which shows even more controversial data on the experiment. In the video below, researchers try recreating the study in a more ethical format.

I do however have my qualms with the newer study one being that they only tested it with the most morally acceptable people, I would have liked to have seen different groupings of people. It also becomes difficult to recreate studies similar to the Stanford study mainly because of the legal and ethical implications around conducting studies nowadays. All in all a very interesting topic, does our innate nature define our actions? Or are we also influenced by the roles we either put ourselves in or are placed in by society. I have the hypothesis that neither are greatly incorrect and perhaps different personalities react stronger to certain roles and certain people, the problem here is that time will probably not tell in all honesty because we have a very limited space with recreating studies of a similar nature we can only truly speculate. Happy researching until next time Uxers

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