Day#232: Day#232: The Smart Shopper

Day#232: Day#232: The Smart Shopper

Hey Uxers today’s post is more about Customer Experience than UX and it certainly ties into Service Design as well. If you are south African then you must know of the huge Blue Chip Company Pick n Pay. They have company owned retail stores and franchises all over South Africa. I did do a post on Loyalty programs and you can find that post here

However today I will be discussing in detail the Experience I have had with the Smart Shopper Account to date. For more info on what Pick n Pay has to say you can find a company break down here

Furthermore it seems like there are sub groupings within those groups for three main categories. Wine, Baby Care and Pets, this allows people who sign up to get further discounts on products which fall under those categories.What is interesting is that before this was live, I got a survey via mail which asked if I would make use of the Pet Category, and would I like the extra benefits etc. That shows that Pick n Pay was doing research into understanding their market before simply diving in, what should also be mentioned is that, that would be the best category for me. My only theory on how they would know this is by them monitoring products purchased which then guides them to promoting future content to you, or happy coincidence but I think not..

This then brings me to the second part of the Smart Shopper Card, as a loyalty member you are entitled to collect points on every purchase as well as you receive discounts on certain products. The type of products though are specific to your last purchase and it makes the whole system feel a lot more intuitive and personal when customers can get discounts on specific items that they actually really like. The only disadvantage that I previously had with the system was that the various kiosks which you would have to stand in line for would often have issues. Ranging from printing issues, or simply being offline. However now with the upgraded Mobile App it really makes it easy for one to see ones tailor made discounts before even stepping foot into the door.

I must say as a Vegan I have felt that Pick n Pay is not the best at labelling products, last year I would have said Woolworths was the best at this however sometime last year Checkers came out with a health conscious line called Simple Truth and the products are labelled well and really affordable. All in all the Smart Shopper Loyalty Card is one that is actually worth while, and I constantly feel the impact of being a member unlike other rewards systems that big retailers have in place, happy researching until next time Uxers!

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