Day#237: Deciding on the best opportunity

Day#237: Deciding on the best opportunity

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a few different job opportunities and not sure how to pick the one you that will be the best move forward for you. I was actually recently in this situation when I was presented with x3 potential routes. It is easy for people to say “Go with your gut” or “Go with what feels right” However the same way I approach projects that I work on from a UX perspective I try and approach the various opportunities that present itself to me. With that said I will go into detail on how I try and deal with multiple job offers and how to decipher which is the best option for you

Stick to your financial goals

If you don’t have financial goals planned out for your future then you best start now. My partner and I have a fairly structured short term plan and a few ideas that we are working on for long term financial well being. When you go through the hiring process and a company is aware of your Salary stipulations and then at the last minute offer you a different package make sure that you are not accepting either out of desperation or because you feel that you already put all this effort into the process so you may as well accept

Know your worth

This relates to the above because it is all good and well to stick to your guns when it comes to your package requirements. However you know to know the value you bring to the company and the skill set that you are providing. Certain industries just don’t pay as much no matter how good you are, ask me I come from a string of design jobs at agency. What I noticed was increases were generally not as high and the competition was fierce when you were applying for a role. I think the competition is fierce in relation to the amount of people being willing to do the job for less than you and not necessarily that there are an immense amount of quality designers.

Understand your package in detail

This is where I have been caught looking like I don’t even understand my own package in the past. You will need to know the difference between what is your Gross salary and what is your net Salary, I have a silly way of remembering this and that is that your Net salary is what is caught in the net after the tax etc has been taken off your salary. Yes this is the way my brain remembers it and yes I know it doesn’t sound very smart haha

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

If you really like a position don’t be afraid to negotiate for the position that really stands out for you, often companies are making the initial offer with that in mind however there may be instances where they state X and that is all they are willing to offer. To be honest every single time I have negotiated it has worked out in my best interest, however again this is not the time to be greedy simply knowing your worth and industry standards will help you grow your knowledge and understanding of what and when to negotiate.

All in all there is so much more I could share on my experiences thus far being involved in the hiring process. I have settled for poor packages in the past and had to learn from my experiences, I have even been made promises of a better package in the future which never came to pass. The best you can is get everything down on paper and agree on all the terms of your contract before hand yes there will be things like performance based bonuses which can not be stated before hand but make sure you understand your contract in detail before you are met with disappointment etc, happy researching until next time!

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