Day#240: Working hard or giving up?

Day#240: Working hard or giving up?

Hey Uxers today I wanted to talk about when you start something new or have been working on something for a while and feel the urge to give up.. I think that the ability to understand that you don’t want to do something anymore and would rather spend your time doing something else is totally fine, we put too much pressure on having to stick something out. I knew from the beginning that development was not for me. I just didn’t enjoy it, and I pushed myself to learn a little JavaScript etc but soon realized it was not for me. There is a fine line though between stopping something you don’t enjoy on occasion and simply giving up on something because it may be too difficult, one time, anytime or every time… That can also be a problem and it takes some honesty with yourself to be able to see your wanting to give up for what it truly is. I must say though, I have never once doubted my evenings learning UX, I have never once found a single study I have learned about a waste of time and have enjoyed learning UX from the start. I would say I probably felt that sense of wanting to give up with design, going from project to project and not feeling compelled or driven with perfecting my craft, not at all like how I feel about UX..

It made me very despondent about Design and I continuously feel guilty for not working on improving my design skills, it basically became this vicious cycle which I did nothing about.  I never made the effort to do so though working for years in Design as a fairly mediocre designer. Looking back I think I also did not even know how to spend my time more productively not having a major passion that related to my career goals etc. The result was a lot of gaming and occasional socializing, the funny thing is now i am so busy constantly learning UX I hardly ever have any free time but I am happier than I have been in a long time. I guess I am sharing this story because as I said above you need to be honest with yourself, honest to understand why you want to quit something and if you find you are not hitting the right answer keep asking yourself the questions for a days and keep going deeper.

I have realised doing this when you ever unhappy is always good, sometimes I do it at work too. You may come to realise that you are letting something completely inconsequential upset you or that you don’t even have control of this thing that is upsetting you. It is difficult to keep going when things are hard, it sometimes feel as if everything goes wrong at one time haha I remember those days and I will probably feel that way in the future too. The philosophy to always keep in mind is that you are in charge of your emotions and that you don’t let one failure define you or lead towards you giving up.

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