Day#242: UX and UI what’s the difference? (Part 2)

Day#242: UX and UI what’s the difference? (Part 2)

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to discuss the differences between UX and UI, each discipline has its own set of specialties and skills however you will often see position here in my home country South Africa which are UX/UI Designers. A lot of people will simply say outright it is impossible for people to have all those skills however I think with effort and determination people can really become highly skilled if they use their time wisely. So when using that argument I certainly see flaws, however I do think in a work environment it will certainly be difficult to ensure that all the check boxes are ticked and done with the best ability for a project when one person is handling both the UI as well as the UX. Again I think it really does depend on the project, the budget and of course timelines established for ensuring all the work is done. Without wasting any more time, today I will be going into what is UX and how UI and UX work

closely together

  • UX stands for User Experience and within the discipline you can get UX Designers as well as UX Researchers
  • UX will work very closely with Stakeholders, Business development and Software Engineers to understand the project goals, possibilities and other specifics
  • Once UX understands the internal plan, they will source potential users if a new product or source users from the current user base if an existing product to learn from them
  • These early stage user interviews are done to understand users and then create personas, personas are a representation of a number of users by looking at patterns that are similar among users
  • Personas then help with formulating the initial low fidelity product
  • Low Fidelity products can be tested internally as well as externally with participants
  • Once the business understands possible pain points and shortfalls of the product they then know how to improve when UX presents all the findings to them. This is also a crucial ability of UX to ensure that all stakeholders of the project are kept in the loop
  • Throughout this process UX can invite UI along for usability testing and UI should be very involved in presentations, workshops and updates on changes
  • Depending on the organisation, UX may brief UI on Design requirements, but it is still a collaborative process and each discipline should value the others perspective and skill set for the success of the product.
  • Even when the product is rolled out, both disciplines work closely together to fine tune the product as time moves forward. User needs may change over time etc and it is both UI and UXers responsibility to ensure the product is always easy to comprehend and intuitive for their needs

So I left our site maps, workshop methods and ideas and user journeys just sticking to a very basic outline to show where the two meet. In truth though UI would be involved in the site map process or atleast presented to it there after again dependant on company structure etc. As I said in my previous post UI needs to have a very clear understanding of the Information Architecture and the way they will get that information is from understanding and knowing the in detail site map, happy researching until next time Uxers,

Bye for now

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