Day#244: The black hole of meetings

Day#244: The black hole of meetings

Hey Uxers as I have progressed in my career I have decided not only to work on constantly improving my skills very linked to my UX discipline but to also work on my soft skills. Your soft skills is what can really make or break you moving up in a company and can ruin otherwise great relationships that you could form with co workers etc. I would say this is yet another skill that you will not learn from school or tertiary education, there may be people who are better at it from the start, however nothing stops everyone from becoming better at this. I would say being able to facilitate and structure meetings is a soft skill that is so crucial not only in UX but in a variety of positions.

I recently read this article which taught me so much, this is why I am always an advocate of reading and following up with as many resources as you can. Yes on occasion it may be fruitless but you will learn so much from even having a 1 out of 5 ratio of interesting articles. Today’s post is referencing Jeremy Birds article called “Meetings aren’t the problem, the way you run them is”
  • The article discusses how meetings fail and become time consuming when there are no clear objectives, preparing in advance and sharing the core objectives with the team will help keep everyone on track
  • Having a facilitator who can control the conversation of the meeting and bring everyone back when there are possible detours will also help the meeting be the most productive.
  • A note taker is another asset to meetings, often after the meeting people may forget the decisions made or steps forward etc, having someone take notes and then have the notes shared with everyone will keep everyone up to date.
  • Jeremy Bird also discusses a few tips on controlling the meeting and different techniques that can be used, and I thought of those for workshop ideas in the future.
  • Evaluating meeting success and looking at what was missed and what can be improved for the next meeting is also beneficial this is always better than simply complaining and moving on till the next cumbersome meeting
  • I liked that Jeremy mentioned how status meetings should be scrapped he discusses how updates can be viewed on digital project management tools like Jira. I thinking in 3 hour status meetings can really be avoided especially if the information shared is mainly concerning certain people at any given time. The rest of the team can then move forward with productivity instead of sitting through a meeting, and yes this is touching a soft spot haha! I have experienced this so much

All in all there is a lot more to learn from this awesome article by Jeremy Bird a Product and UX Design leader in his field and certainly someone I will be following in the future on Medium. Happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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