Day#255: Societal misconceptions that are hampering your success

Day#255: Societal misconceptions that are hampering your success

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to chat about common misconceptions around success and achieving your goals. I had an interesting conversation with someone recently, and wanted to share their experience. This person told me a story of how he learned Martial Arts and had to endure lots of obstacles during the course of his training, his parents were paying for the lessons but often there would be deeper lessons that seniors seemed to want to teach. One example was preparing for a physical test and then being told to do a stream of intense exercise before the test began then being strained and already tired having to conduct the test, he referred to this action as teaching the lesson that life is not fair. I think we have grown to expect certain things out of life and when they don’t happen we become depressed and feel cheated out of what we deserve, I won’t lie I have done this myself in this past and have had to train myself to understand that life does not go a certain way. I wanted to share a few quotes, statements that are often popular with advice among people. I think these types of comments can often be detrimental and for this reason I will be explaining why I think so, without wasting anymore time here is my list

Once you get a degree things will become easier

This was something that I heard a lot growing up with a conservative indian family, education is extremely important with indian people. That really is not meant to be rude to any other race its just how Indian people view education. I remember being told that all I had to do was study hard in school and then University and then everything would be fine once I had a job, I can almost hear it in my grandmother’s voice haha. The problem with this was that I actually felt a very flat feeling once I was done, it was probably related to the realization that I had studied something that I didn’t enjoy but it was also sort of a “Well what do I do now, what do I aim for now?” type of situation. Yes there are many avenues to go higher in Design but I think my passion also was not in it. The best way to see your education is a consistent journey and one that you will need to walk throughout your life, yes you may take breaks for life events or just to relax etc in between but the ability to constantly learn will truly set you apart from everyone

Things will get easier with time

This is such a loose statement that I never liked, it is just something that people hear and nobody questions it so it gets said more and more. Yes it probably does have religious connotations for a lot of people but for me it seemed lacking and particular action. It allowed for people to just sit back and watch their lives instead of taking action. I think it certainly relates to the situation at hand, but I am a huge HUGE advocate for planning. If you are not a fan of planning start small and even just a few bullet points will be a great step in the right direction. I started that way and now I plan every single day work and personal, I also don’t look at it as confusing as some people do. Planning helps me to see when I am going over with a certain task or if I will even have time for it, I have noticed wit certain colleagues when they put too much on their plate then when they don’t accomplish it they feel frustrated and unmotivated. Plan your day well and you won’t have to keep all your tasks in your ead and will be organised time wise.

Good things come to those who wait

Oh this may be the worst of them all, and yes this is another one that has a lot of religious connotations which makes it difficult for people to see clearly. I think believing in this can really be so detrimental for you to grow as well for you when you don’t succeed even though you are growing. Understanding that yes you may be working hard on something, whether it is expanding on your skill set or working on your time management and career development goals but you may not achieve them in the way you would like. Simply studying a Degree or qualification in something does not guarantee you a great job, it may get you in the foot of the door with an interview but you still have to prove your worth and personality. I am 100% a believer that when you work hard you will see a positive outcome but it also depends on what you work on, if you are working on upping your skills in a very saturated industry or an industry that does not pay extremely high irrespective of salaries then be prepared for those outcomes

Do what you love and money will follow

People often refer to some celebrity in X profession and indicate but they love what they do and they got famous and now they earn big bucks. The problem with this is, those are select few there are also tons of people within that profession that never get their big break. When you choose a profession you must understand the financial, emotional and physical implications of the job. Consider the lifestyle you want to live and then look at market related salaries in that profession and if it matches with how you see your future. Also factor in that those high salaries you often hear of that amaze you may only come if you are really good at what you do. Yes it may be achievable but plan for the lowest of the market related spectrum for starting out in an industry, and consistently work on improving your skill set if you want to get to that level. And yes there are people who are able to get there faster based on lack of skills in the industry etc, you guys are just lucky but it is still good advice to not expect it and lose out on other opportunities because you think you are worth more than that.

Money is the root of all evil

This is just so sad, and I think it may be something else that I think people say when they feel they are powerless to make more money, and so it is easier to believe that money will bring more problems as another common saying goes. I think people should not be scared to say that they are working towards earning a big salary or building a business etc. It is not shallow to want to live a more comfortable life, and doing so will 100% make your life easier. I have lived on both sides, being poor with a very low income salary, and now being very comfortable with lots of options financially. Money is not the root of evil, it is the root of choices and with that you then choose if you would like to use your money for whether it be financing a drug trade or adopting 8 rescue puppies.

Anyway these are just a few I want to do another post soon on more statements and quotes like this that just irk me so bad, happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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