Day#256: Disney’s digital pass band

Day#256: Disney’s digital pass band

Hey Uxers today I wanted to chat about this amazing product that I came across through someone’s talk on UX best practices etc. The product is the Disney Wristband, check out the video below discussing the Wrist band, its abilities and what are the advantages of having it. The set up does seem like a little process, but I really feel like it is worth it, and there is an App that links to the wrist band so it becomes very worthwhile when you travel in the park.

This is a great way that Disney has understood users needs, understood that standing in the queue can be avoided with purchasing this and having amazing add ons that make it so special. One of them is that you can have your child’s favourite Disney character come and find them by GPS tracking on the device, you will then be able to take photos etc. However I wonder if that GPS also serves a more functional purpose like being able to find your child if they get lost in the park as well.

I really can’t wait to visit Disneyland one day and experience all the wonderful rides and entertainment that is Disney, looking forward to hearing about more technological advances that move the theme park forward, happy researching until next time Uxers

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