Day#258: The Entertainer Review

Day#258: The Entertainer Review

Hey Uxers and today I wanted to chat about The Entertainer, I downloaded the App today after seeing it available to download from free from FNB. As a promotion this was a really nice idea because it will get users used to the idea of using the App, so that when the promotion ends people commit to the service of their own accord. Funny enough even after looking at the site and some video material advertising the service, I am not actually sure if there is a subscription fee but I have it for free for now so I will be discussing the product from this standpoint. In relation to the history of the product I do know a little more about it, because I used to work for a major restaurant brand a while ago in Design and Marketing. They were approached by The Entertainer and I sat in on a meeting, they showed us how the product started with a thick Voucher booklet that customers would have to flip through and find the discounts that they wanted, they could then tear it out and take it to their restaurant associated with that voucher. This is such an arduous process and yes even though one can have an index with category methods, a certain degree of paging through content is expected. However with the new App I simply have to type in the restaurant I like to see if it is associated with The Entertainer and has a discount available.

It looks like discounts vary from being monthly offers to being once off, however the mechanism of 2 for 1 is consistent across all categories. This is different to the other Coupon sites like Daddy’s deals or Wikideals for that matter, where one can simply purchase either a single deal or a double deal. I think the 2 for 1 special is a great idea when it comes to food because of the social aspects around eating out, and my partner and I will really be taking advantage of the specials in the near future. However the beauty specials don’t seem to stand out as much for me because I love doing those types of treatments on my own. The one thing that I did think was that the App did not feel intuitive enough, it lacked a clear information architecture and did not guide users easily for me as a new user. As someone with very specific dietary requirements I was also surprised that the App did not allow for me to search by my requirements, I could search general categories but not nested categories within categories for niche dietary requirements. It then meant that I needed to scroll through various restaurants hoping to see titles that resembled my dietary requirements.

The other thing that I would have liked to see is the restaurant menu, because on the App once you click on a restaurant you are then taken to the restaurants special page where you can view their offers, however you will just see “2 for 1 on Mains” or starters etc. I then had to go into Google find the restaurant, search for menu and then check ingredients and the meal price. With restaurants that I knew well it was not an issue because I knew the approximate pricing etc of the restaurant but with new restaurants I was not prepared to drive all the way only to find that the “2 for 1” special was expensive as it was. The type of people utilizing The Entertainer are very money conscious and preparing them for their experience prior to going to the restaurant is advantageous, if holding the menus is too much data to hold perhaps links to the various restaurants own websites etc is another option which will really make the user journey much easier. You can check out The Entertainer here for more info, or watch the video on The platform here, happy researching until next time Uxers

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