Day#260: UX copy writing

Day#260: UX copy writing

Hey Uxers, I recently worked on a project with an Agency where we wanted the Agency to come up with copy that was youthful and would resemble our user base. The agency then responded back with Gamer jargon like don’t go AFK with the X App etc, stakeholders were concerned by them not being able to understand the copy themselves but my main concern which I explained was that it was youthful but totally missed the mark of the type of youth we advertise to and would like to commit to our product. This happens when people don’t know or do enough research to understand the users, the types of excuses I have come across range from “but this can go for a specific type of user” and “it still manages to speak to a younger User base”. The problem with that is it has not been tested and matched with our exact users. The same way prototypes can be tested I Really advise that copy be tested the same way, something that I learned after some time was that the Users on the project I was working on were very different to what the company thought they were, they had language barriers and spoke a mixture of multiple languages, among many other factors.

The fault does not only lie with the Agency we dealt with here, the company I was associated with for that project should have briefed them on their type of users and submitted documentation on personas and user interviews etc. This would have given the agency time to understand and get to know the users that they would be writing for. The problem was that this company did not do this, they went straight to Design and Development on many tasks and it ended in a lot of mistakes, very costly ones which took even more time and labour to mend over the lifespan of the project. It is so important to ensure you speak directly to your Users and understand the way they think, feel and how the Users speak with each other etc. This will help you formulate copy that associates and resonates with your Users to make them comfortable and more trusting towards the product.

I often see Error messages, actually I just saw one moments ago when I was trying to make a payment on a very well known established Banks website. These errors indicate some foreign error code which means nothing to users and simply confuses them more, when errors occur that are not the Users fault it is so crucial to let them know that, and if it is something related to what the User did, it is also important to inform them, so that they can amend their actions accordingly. Check out this video below discussing the job of a UX copywriter which is vital in a team but sometimes surpassed because of budgetary constraints etc, when you have someone who is as concerned with the Users Experience on-board, it will always result in more intuitive copy for the User, happy researching until next time Uxers.

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