Day#261: UX workshop ideas

Day#261: UX workshop ideas

Hey Uxers! Today I want to discuss UX workshops and the various methods and ideas that you can use for setting up your next UX workshop. I remember in one my earlier interviews being asked what I think of UX workshops and being asked if I can do them, the truth was I knew a lot about them back then but I did not know how to articulate the information well, and I answered by saying that I thought UX workshops were great haha! Yes that’s all I said, sigh… well the defeat that I had from that interview made me realize how much more I had to up my interview game. I worked on memorizing different workshops ideas and methods and today I want to bring you a very interesting and easy to understand article that I read on UX workshops, you can check out the original article here: 3 Useful UX Workshops to get your Team on the Same Page.

These core needs really remind me of the Enneagram which defines personalities in categories which have the basic goals which are very much the above, check out my post on the Enneagram which I did a while ago.The workshops are split into 3 main categories which I will list below the brief points that are associated with each style

How to set up for a general UX workshop

  • Get all decision makers and stakeholders involved
  • Involve everyone in activities instead of only presenting content

UX workshop #1: Persona Workshop

  • Goal can be to create the personas
  • Also to have everyone involved understand the users better by talking about them at length
  • Field research results in accurate realistic personas, proto personas are based on assumptions
  • Research collected to formulate personas should be presented and understood
  • The team can complete templates to identify the User personas after being presented on content etc

What does a UX persona look like?

  • Contains Users prior knowledge about X
  • Gives context on where and how the product is used
  • Discusses how the product solves the Users problem
  • The motivation on what drives the User, this can be directly related to the product or their greater purpose and goals as well

Inner motivations range from

  • Competitive nature
  • Rewards
  • Recognition and respect
  • Fear
  • Control
  • Feel special
  • Improve at something
  • To belong
  • Gathering/growing

These core needs really remind me of the Enneagram which defines personalities in categories which have the basic goals which are very much the above, check out my post on the Enneagram which I did a while ago.

Giving Personas names and images to their profiles makes it feel more realistic and people will remember and consider them more easily. Check out some of my other posts on Persona Development

Creating Persona’s the foundation of a great User Experience part 1

Creating Persona’s the foundation of a great User Experience part 2

UX Designers 5 minute guide to Personas

UX Workshop #2: Customer Journey workshops

I am forever learning with UX and I will be honest to say that I thought the customer journey and user journey was the same thing, after reading this article it does appear that the Customer Journey tends to be more specific and details a lot of actions prior to the User commiting to your product etc

The goals of the Customer journey workshop

  • Map the whole process that the customer goes through
  • A holistic approach to examine what happens long before the first use of the product and after use as well
  • Helps to align team thoughts and ideas

Itinerary of a Customer Journey Workshop

Create a draft

  • Include project team and stakeholders
  • Invite sales and people in contact with customers
  • Define User journey steps and important aspects to examine
  • Draft will provide insight into the research


  • Must be based on data collected from interviews and field research
  • Gather information on what people actually do in each phase
  • What are the pain points
  • Emotions at each step of the way

Organise information and ideate

  • Organising information into two main parts
  • First segment is about customer thoughts and feeling
  • And the second is how the company handles those points in each step
  • Finding patterns can be done with the team

“Not everything can be solved at once, so it’s better to choose up to three topics and start ideating the solution immediately. Start sketching up solutions or building quick prototypes so the theoretical findings will turn into real projects as soon as possible.”

The outputs

  • Before the usage: What happened before users coimmited to the product
  • Using the product: What are the high level user goals here
  • After usage: What happens when the user is done, does the business follow up etc?

UX workshop:#3: Product strategy workshop

The goal of product strategy workshops

  • Summarize all important information collected on the product and market
  • Define long term goals
  • Communicating with the team keeps everyone updated on research, decisions and goals

Itinerary of a product strategy workshop

  • Preparation: Collect research on pain points, analytics, user test data
  • Brainstorm, on how to stand out in the market, bottlenecks in metrics
  • Statement: The problem, the solution, the product offer and the target audience and vision.
  • Prioritize: Once you have the statement you can then define what gets done when
  • Create a road map: I will be doing a separate post on Road maps in the near future. Basically entails displaying the long term goals and breaking up content by small goals and milestones etc
  • User check points: You can always do strategy workshops when you feel the goal is not aligned to customer needs or you feel the team is drifting away from the original goal

The article also articulates that you should do the correct workshop to suit the situation, I don’t take any credit for all the information today you can find the full article here

My goal was to summarize the content into smaller chunks so that I can remember this in my new learning style, you can check out my new goals for learning here.

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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