Day#262: A woman’s place

Day#262: A woman’s place

I had a very interesting discussing with another independent very strong women recently, he gave me some great advice which I have decided I would like to share on the blog. We have fought for equality and rights in the workplace for so long, and to me I feel like I have a lot of opportunities that were not afforded to previous generations of women. Even so I think women should be aware of how they should be carrying themselves in the workplace.

Never cry or become emotional over a disagreement

Yes this may sound super obvious but one women in particular comes to mind when I think of this. She would take on too much, agree to deadlines and then come D Day she would be in tears saying in broken sentences that she could not finish, at that point I was also a Designer and I helped her on one occasion. However I noticed after some time, that this particular women cried all the time, people become wary of having serious discussions with you and will perhaps even leave you out of key decisions if they feel you will do this. We have all worked hard to be where we are, and yes some situations are difficult to handle but if you know you are emotional like that work on it and make sure that you don’t become the office emotional rollercoaster

When at work and there is a disagreement see as as a professional issue apart from your feelings and emotions, even if you are very tied to the outcomes of the discussion. You will have to focus on the theory that you are in charge of your emotions and crying in an important meeting when you can’t get your point across will not help you. The problem is that crying is also learned behaviour and as a child a lot of kids get what they want or atleast get an amount of attention when they cry, it could be that you have learned without being fully aware of your actions,  that this is a way to get what you want. In your personal relationships it is also bad news, but for work it is terrible. It could result in people considering you too volatile to communicate and collaborate with, it is certainly learned behaviour and it may take time but it is possible.

Don’t apologize

I grew up like a nice sweet Indian girl and was told even for the smallest thing to apologize with my deepest regrets when I did something wrong. Indian parents impose submissiveness and a very apologetic nature onto their female daughters and it has taken me a large portion of my 20’s to work on the submissiveness, it can really make you seem to quiet or naive for a senior managerial role. If you know this is something you are struggling with, work on methods to improve, take note of your body language and your posture as well as the facial expressions and gestures that you do

There is so much more I could go through but for today I will leave you with this amazing video that I saw on women, it made me think I really want to write about women and the trials and tribulations we have in the workplace. Don’t for one second think that I am saying you should never ever cry or apologize, especially in the wok place it is always good to take ownership when something is your fault or one of your teams fault and you are in charge of them. Work on becoming the best version of yourself for 2019 and you will see positive results in time. You do not need to see yourself as the perfectly molded specimen, rather see yourself as more malleable that yes you have your boundaries and strict beliefs that you will stand for but that you can always improve when it comes to how you portray yourself and grow as a person, happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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