Day#263: Marvel’s User testing

Day#263: Marvel’s User testing

Hey Uxers and today is a short post, on the mail communication that Marvel just sent out. They advertised that they will soon be supporting in App User Testing this will take the Design and prototyping tool spectrum to another level where one can Create and test from the same tool, I am really looking forward to this. I heard from Marvel a while ago when I was doing a course through Udemy and had the course instructor recommend Marvel, I was in love with the look and feel and the intuitive ease of the platform from the get go and I am excited for when they release their User testing side of the product. For those that have not received their Comms advert here is a brief rundown of the statements they made on what the functionality of the User testing features will be able to do.

  • See what users do and how they react: Audio, screen and camera recordings allow you to see your designs through your user’s eyes.
  • Get real-time performance insights: Eliminate guesswork with insights that allow you to quickly see what designs perform better.
  • Spend less time typing notes: Effortlessly share customer feedback as we automatically convert speech detected in your tests to text.
  • Recruit participants easily: Target participants by profession, location and much more, without the hassle.
  • Scale and automate user research with our API: Integrate User Testing into your workflow with our GraphQL API or access 1000+ apps using Zapier.

Super excited to see what this holds and also the doors it will open for other purely design tools to venture into this as well, check out the video below on the new features for usability testing, and most of all happy researching until next time Uxers

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