Day#265: UX participant Usability test

Day#265: UX participant Usability test

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to chat about a Usability test that I volunteered to participate in today, I am probably posting this before the actual date of the test because I am backdating a little since I have fallen behind with my posts of late. Anyway the actual Usability test was conducted by a UX student named Laura Lopez, I loved how so many people in the community volunteered their services to help Laura and I would encourage us to consistently do this moving forward within our community we can really learn a lot from one another and often as students it is difficult to find willing participants.

Laura introduced herself well and we chatted for a bit, when she wanted to know a bit of my background etc. Laura asked about my connectivity and devices as well as my frequency of purchasing tickets online. I enjoyed her demeanour which as a participant is so important nothing worse than feeling like you are being judged or that you have someone who is impatient with you the whole time. We reviewed two Airline Apps and my task with each platform was to find x2 flights for specific dates and destinations etc. I liked that she gave me all the details in advance because you want to be able to compare the same situation on both platforms. However we did run into some trouble where the sam exact flight was not on offer with the other platform. I enjoyed being on the participant end but had to stop myself from shouting out the issues with their technical flaws at various stages like no clear instructions and closure of tasks in guiding the user in their journey. I was a typical user getting distracted by pop ups and Laura was great with letting me know that I was perhaps getting distracted haha.

We chatted for about an hour and we used Participate which I will be looking into for Remote Usability testing.

The App allowed for me to share my screen with Laura fairly easily and have my own expressions etc recorded, I would say the human element was removed and I would have liked to have seen Laura’s face as we tested but perhaps that stops the participant from getting tips etc on their progress or lack thereof. I am sure Laura is going to be super successful when she qualifies she is patient and friendly and easy to chat to about my honest feedback which is always crucial. All the best Laura and may you succeed in your UX Career, happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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