Day#266:UX Masterclass Metropolitan meetup

Day#266:UX Masterclass Metropolitan meetup

Hey Uxers today I wanted to chat about the recent UX Masterclass Meetup that I attended, it was organised so well and on arrival there were signs everywhere assisting fellow Uxers with where to park. I personally loved that because I often get lost very easily, once parked their were Metropolitan officials with branded T’s all along your path they were friendly and directed us accordingly to our destination inside. We got access cards for the day which were branded with the UX event details and it felt so personal and well orchestrated. I remember while I was studying design that our lecturers would tell us how small the Design community was and that we should be careful about burning bridges etc early on in our career. I mention this because I never actually felt the Design community was that small, however in comparison I really feel the UX community is small, I saw a few people I recognized from previous Meetups (See my post for the Service Design Meetup I attended here) and some people from a UX conference I attended last year (check out my post from the UX Conference here). I also chatted with someone who I almost took a job opportunity with. Although I’m not going to share the actual company name..

Anyway the actual event was so well done, as usual in true Meetup style there is always free food but it was really great to have a nice assortment and easy to eat finger foods. The speakers were Fayyaadh Parker a UX Specialist at Metropolitan, Fayyaadh spoke with confidence and clarity it was easy to follow him and I could tell how passionate he was and is about UX. My favorite part of his talk was when he chatted UX Gaming and mentioned the Fortnite party event that the game created. It was basically an in game concert with a real celebrity DJ that had his music playing within the game, players could dance in the arena and enjoy the music for around 10 minutes, check out the video below for an idea of how it worked.

We then had a talk from Alan Williams and Candice O Regan from IQ Business chatting about Co Creation and Service Design. I did hear a talk on similar content from them late last year you can find my post on that particular Meetup here

I also think the video below is a great explanation of Service Design as well as Co Creation so give it a watch if you have a moment 🙂

All in all such an awesome event and really love getting the chance to meet with and chat to other Uxers, Igshaan Robinson was the organizer and he is always so humble and approachable considering the events he works on creating for us in the UX community. I am sure events can have a lot of organisation that we don’t even know about, and if I can add that if you agree to these Meetup events in the future please try keep to your word. It is a lot that people put together when organizing these events from refreshments to venues etc and when so many people cancel it can sometimes demotivate those from doing it again in the future.. Which I really don’t want to ever happen, really looking forward to a event filled 2019 with networking and learning from other Uxers in the industry. Happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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