Day#269: Compulsive shoppers

Day#269: Compulsive shoppers

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to talk about this video that I watched a little bit about, I wanted to get into the head of compulsive shoppers for a task I was working on and I really enjoyed this video. The presenter goes through and meets with three people who each have a different type of shopping addiction, she talks with them and tries to understand the reasons for them shopping all the time. I was taken aback by how the two women seemed to say shopping replaced their lack of a partner and it became obvious to me that they were lonely and just shopping and spending money to pass time.

Shopping and buying something has a reward system and in the case of one of the people who consistently buys products on auction it can become very similar to gambling and the intermittent rewards that comes with it. Check out my post on intermittent rewards here

I think often as Uxers, marketers and over all people working for companies trying to entice Users we don’t see how it is affecting User. However I am a firm believer that the individual needs to control themselves and given the chance people can get addicted to all sorts of content and actions, the reason why I wanted to do a post on this particular Reality show style video was because the three stories following the different people reminded of Personas. They became so specific and I felt like I knew them well within the scope of the topic of shopping, there was other information about them that I picked up too, and by watching and listening to them in the comfort of their homes it really felt that I connected with them with is always so important when designing for the User. My only gripe with this video is that it became very clear that the presenter was judging the people very openly, however this was a show aimed at bringing their problems to light instead of from a UX perspective of simply understanding their thoughts and reasons for their actions. This has inspired me to use footage in a more reality show type of scenario when interviewing Users in their environments. Asking them to show you around and show you how they go about their day and obviously interact with your product will give you great insight into information that a Lab test or survey wont simply get, check out my rant on surveys here haha!

Anyway the video is quite long, you can probably just watch the introduction to get a nice idea of the feel of the type of footage I am considering doing more of as I do more research in the future. Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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