Day#270: Day#270: Rental sites Review

Day#270: Day#270: Rental sites Review

Hey Uxers and for today I wanted to chat Rental sites, I absolutely love looking at properties whether it is to purchase or to rent. I am currently an Owner of one home in Johannesburg South Africa which I rent out and then I am renting in Cape Town where I currently reside. Firstly when moving to Cape Town I felt the Sites did not understand me and my specifications as a User. What generally happens is you select your price range, area and number of bedrooms however selecting whether the units you see have internet are near public transport or allow pets are also huge contributing factors to choosing a new apartment. It makes it tedious for renters to have to sift through and click on rentals and then read through to ascertain if they allow pets or not.

As a cliche Millennial I can not survive without internet, I mean it’s probably less the socials and more Youtube, Gaming and my Online courses that I spend the most time on but either way the Internet is super important to me. When I message a Estate Agent and they don’t even know what fibre optics are, it often makes me hesitant when they call back five minutes later all of a sudden confirming that the unit does have fibre. This is because I have been told that the unit has fibre only to move in and be told by the provider that it would still take them a year to lay down the lines etc. Updating filters to more modern stipulations would really benefit Users of the major property rental and sales sites. Something else that is always frustrating when signing a new lease is how archaic the whole process is, you still have to print documents and send signed forms back to the rental agent. They have questions like do you have family you can stay with if there is something wrong with the apartment, I mean is that really applicable to grown adults and is that law to even ask that. Either way circumstances change and I’m sure stating that at the point of signing is not binding in any way.

The process of viewing apartments is also fairly arbitrary with certain popular areas having group viewings only at certain times. This is often for units in high demand and puts the Renter in the position to sometimes make themself available during work hours which is ridiculous for such an occasion. I know I sound fairly frustrated but actually we are very happy with our current living situation and don’t intend on moving anytime soon, I am simply frustrated with the current system and am looking forward to changes in this industry hopefully in the near future, until then happy researching until next time Uxers

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