Day#271: Potential project idea!

Day#271: Potential project idea!

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to discuss a potential project idea that I have, it spurned from a personal interest and I wanted to share how I got to the idea, how I plan on conducting research and finding out information from people. So I don’t have children if you didn’t know before you now know, I also have no interest in ever having children. I view the act of having a child as such a huge commitment and I don’t feel I really even have time for that or am interested in the prospect of it. I wanted to conduct extensive research to understand people and why they have children, their experiences how their lives change after they have children and what were they doing before and after they have children.

I have a few personal ideas on the topic and hypotheses on potential outcomes which I will include below. My goal for the research is not for any particular product, it is simply because I enjoy learning about people, conducting research and finding answers for questions that I don’t understand. For me the concept of having children is really unimaginably boring and unnecessary. I probably sound like a robot with no emotion, and that’s the thing people always assume you don’t care or I have even been told I am selfish to not want kids haha! Culturally in history children were a resource they would eventually be able to assist on your land if you had a farm or bring in a dowry etc when they were married. Getting married also created bonds between different groups of people and allowed for a a declaration of peace through marriage. However now people marry for love and children are not much the resource they once were. This is probably going to sound cold however I will be assessing the facts of the act before the more abstract reasons for the project. This is by no means the full on project, I want to conduct lots of research, create personas, diary entries etc if I can and of course visual displays of that data collected on a public site that I will eventually also do.

Some hypothesis that I would be interested to prove/disprove

  • How many people are having children unplanned vs planned
    • Within this category are there then differences with planned and unplanned situations
  • Budgets
    • How much do parents spend on Education
    • What does their budget look like, what are they spending most of their money on etc
    • Are they planning for their retirement, and are they saving for university etc
  • What are the most important lessons that parents try to teach their children
    • When speaking with the child do those values seem important with the child
  • Two methods of conducting Research
    • With one family I will indicate that I am trying to see answers that relate to parents careers
    • With another family I will tell them I am looking at parenting

I am interested to see the outcomes from this, at this rate I seem to be coming up with lots of ideas after I am done with the 365 days of UX. I remember when I first thought of this as a personal project I could not think of other projects and now I have so many ideas and not enough time. I think it relates to self confidence and also knowing that I can achieve all these types of tasks I just have to work consistently every evening on achieving my goals. I know when I am done this won’t be a typical UX type of project, it will certainly be a lot more research focused and I will probably also have to have incentives to get people to participate. However I am really excited to conduct this research and understand not only parents and how they raise their children and why they choose to do it. But also the ways conducting research can result in very different results, for example check out my post on Demand Characteristics in UX where you will see how participants can change their answers to suit the demands of the study/test. This can really change characteristics but I am interested to see how answers change from group to group. Because I want to plan for questions like “but how does this amount define all parents?” I want to interview a number of families who are also in different financial levels etc. I would love to try diary entries which I mention in this post here.

As well as also doing a survey for a lot of the easier questions which people can answer using Google Surveys etc. I am aiming to have the time when I sit with parents and their children to find out more about them and listen to their “pain points” would be better describes as their struggles as parents etc and discuss more abstract content that would fall under qualitative research. I am really looking forward to this project and can’t wait to get started on it. Who knows when I will be doing it though what with my goal of the YouTube channel etc I am never going to have enough time to be a professional gamer haha! That was really never in the cards, anyway happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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