Day#273: Impulse Buying

Day#273: Impulse Buying

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to chat about impulse buying, it’s an act felt by a lot of people and after walking around the mall or standing in line at the grocery store I see how prevalent it is in our society. I have decided to add a video done by Sci show. Sci show is a YouTube Channel I have been watching for a long time now they do videos on a huge variety of different topics from psychology to sciences and history etc. The video discusses how we have two categories of buyers in our buying structure one which shops more impulsively and the other which considers their options more. I think personality does comes into play, however i also did a post on The Adoption curve which you can find here. In that post I discuss how there are lots of different types of buyers, namely early buyers and late buyers who are more stubborn when it comes to new types of products or services.

I personally consider myself more of a strategic buyer, I take my time and am not apart of the early stages of converting the public on a new product. I also am similar to the type mentioned in the video that when I am buying something I watch lots of videos on the product/service I wish to invest in and try to learn everything about the product as well as other similar products. The result is I normally take much longer than average to decide. The funny thing is I think I have grown into these traits when I was younger I simply bought things without thinking much and was perhaps influenced by family etc but now I really take my time in deciding.

The style of retailers has been carefully engineered overtime to be able to entice buyers to see the most products. Food Lovers Market is a windy snake like shape which enforces you to go through the entire store to get to the end instead of the isle type of situation that Pick n Pay and Checkers has. I think it does also depend on the amount of space as well as the type of products that are being sold. I am okay with the structure of food lovers, because whenever I go there I am buying weekly produce so I am fine with the journey because I know I need to probably pick a few things everywhere. In relation this would not work for pharmacy where people often have specific items in mind or are probably there in an emergency and need something urgently. The prospect of having to walk through every isle can be downright frustrating in that situation. Anyway happy researching until next time

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