Day#274: Persona inspiration

Day#274: Persona inspiration

I recently watched this short video on women and their salaries and how they spend in relation to fashion etc. It was a very short video and I mention it because I thought how nice would it be have short clips like this on Users. Persona’s are obviously something that is very detailed and there are lots of wonderful examples which you can look at here. However often they are very visual and only hold their informative nature by reading through. Uxers can make getting to know the various personas an interesting task and that’s where you can have visual info graphics to differentiate between user groups and identify interesting nuances of each persona. However video is a great way for people to connect with the user, it does become tricky when the participants you interview want their footage to be blurred however it really is gold if you manage to find people who are fine with it being viewed.

The reason is it is always easier to connect, understand and visualize someone when you put a name to the face and then you can see them going about their day and making eye contact with you through the video format. Having a blurred out voice changer will have the opposite effect though it will create a gap and make the participant seem like a distant serial killer. I always think either serial killer or drug dealer when the blur and voice changers are used, anyway check out the short clip below and you will get a feel for what i mean.

I think recording the entire process of user interviews is always handy, you will be able to pick up slight gestures and facial expressions that may pass under the radar. However when presenting these findings to stakeholders a shorter version will be necessary. I hate doing this because I honestly feel every action is gold when it comes to understanding the Users but others won’t see it this way. Try and cut to key moments and include only sections that will work towards making definitive decisions for moving the company forward. If you are feeling a little lost on personas then please do check out the video below describing personas and how they will benefit almost any organisation, from start ups to long standing businesses personas can add a breadth of knowledge to any Research and development team. Happy researching until next time Uxers

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