Day#278: Calendar blocking & time Batching

Day#278: Calendar blocking & time Batching

Hey Uxers today’s post is more on an over all life process that everyone should know about, maybe you are just naturally gifted at managing your time well and concentrating on things systematically but I am certainly not. When I was younger and interning I would take extremely long with tasks, and never knew how to share estimates with management on the time it would take me to complete something. I suppose as I have progressed in my career I have become more familiar with how long certain tasks take, however this post is about more than just understanding time on tasks but also how you manage your productive time. I really like Amy Landino she is a You tuber and Content creator who was once a Lawyer if I am not mistaken, she is one of the You tubers who I watch as inspiration and it’s great to be motivated by some of her practices that she discusses in her videos etc.

In this video she discusses time batching the concept where you group similar content together, Amy mentions how when she does her makeup she then groups all the activities that would need a face full of makeup etc. This may sound super trivial but the concept is to save as much of your time as you can and do activities efficiently. It should also be noted that certain tasks are better done when you are in a certain frame of mind, and Amy Landino discusses how she groups tasks in categories like “Get it done” etc. I sometimes find that i have gotten used to listing all the tasks that I want to do on the weekend but I tend to want to get the activities that mean I need to get out the house done first. However often I am home by 1pm on a Saturday and then I am so tired and drained after the day out that I don’t want to sit down with my blog or focus on research. Check out Amy’s video for more info

Now that you have watched this video you hopefully have a better understanding of time batching and see the purpose of it for your own life. The point is to understand how similar tasks can be grouped together for efficiently as I said above, the next video is on Calendar blocking and this video is where Amy discusses how important it is for productivity and how it will help you etc. I personally want to work on this more, I know I tend to be easily distracted and become tired in the afternoon and having specific task scheduled for the morning will really help. Some sources will say that you only respond to emails at specific times of the day, or only once a day for a set amount of time. I say it really depends on your role, and the company culture as well as the type of projects you are working on. For example if it is a Remote type of position, the company may require you to respond at all hours because that is the only form of communication they may have with you. Also if you are constantly receiving new tasks/questions/info from your colleagues and superiors it is important to keep up with mails so I personally don’t follow that. However I bring this up because it can be a real way to suck all my most productive time in the morning by me responding to mails for two hours, which I have on some occasions caught myself doing.

Yes that may seem exorbitant but I hate responding without all the necessary info so sometimes I have to go back to outcomes reports and other documentation or read through entire threads to ascertain my response for the emails in question. Anyway in this video Amy Landino discusses how Calendar blocking can help you this is where you indicate specific tasks that will be done at specific times. I actually was so inspired by these videos from this post that I started organised my weekend, however as I write this I am already behind schedule haha! This happened because we have “Load Shedding” in Sunny Cape Town, if you are not from South Africa that is when we have electricity cuts for long periods of time, sigh well no control over those issues but I am really going to work on doing this moving forward, happy researching until next time.

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