Day#287: Buying patterns in Asia

Day#287: Buying patterns in Asia

Hey Designers and Researchers today I wanted to quickly chat about an interesting trend I came past on YouTube. I watched a video on a new trend which is live streaming of fashion and using live streaming as an e commerce tool. It really is an interesting take on Fashion and E commerce and I am interested to see how it evolves. I do think it may not do as well here in South Africa, this is because S.A has such expensive data charges, and live streaming is generally a costly endeavor. It could work for the wealthier, however Brick n Motor shopping is still a common pattern here. Check out the video for more info.

Now that you have watched the video, I can go into a little more detail. It was really interesting how the Live stream managed to target specific sales tactics that a lot of Brick n Motors can’t seem to get right, well at least in my home Country South Africa.. For one having very minute windows of opportunity that viewers can make purchases, creates an urgency in buyers. It creates a feeling that it is a one time offer and often people can make very spontaneous decisions in these types of situations. I think something else the influencer in the video does well, is make herself seem like “A real person” instead of a business. Her fans know her children’s names, and she has them on set every now and again. This creates trust with viewers and allows for her to convince them of purchases because it is a friend who lives her life the same as you and is not just trying to make money out of you. The concept is an interesting one, as I have said above, and interested to see how it may get interpreted for the African Market.

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